Danger Work Overtime For Your Body Health

Danger Work Overtime For Your Body Health

Working is a daily routine for those who are adults or for those who have met the age as the main condition in receive work. A variety of goals often accompany such as not to be spelled out unemployed, living a wife's child or sufficient to survive. Morning is a great time to start work activity. So that in the afternoon can go home and gather with beloved family back. Adding working time or overtime is not recommended for your body's health. Various dangers and health problems can arise suddenly when deciding to work overtime. Then, what are the dangers of frequent overtime work for your body's health?

In fact, the human body will not be able to work a full day without accompanied by adequate rest. This is because the body is not a machine and is composed of organs that require sufficient time-out. For those who decide often overtime work must be prepared with various consequences that must be received related to the health of his body continues to decline. Health tips will review the dangers of frequent overtime work for your body's health. Here is the danger of frequent overtime work for your body's health:

Triggers The Emergence of Depression In Yourself. According to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, when a person working for 11 hours or more per day will have a high level of depression compared with those who work normally (7 - 8 hours a day).

Accelerating Various Health Disorders. For those who work in the office, sitting while working has become everyday. Various adverse effects of sitting too long can lead to diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart attack. So should you add hours sitting in the office by working overtime every day?

Adverse Sleep Quality. If someone often works overtime, then automatically sleep hours are reduced. Various side effects will occur due to fewer hours of sleep such as memory that continues to decline, gain weight, often not clear anger, or cancer that stalks you.

Worsens Heart Organ Health. Overtime or overtime work contributes greatly to various cardiovascular disorders such as heart disease, heart attacks, and high blood pressure). According to a study published in 2010, a person who works 10 hours or more per day is at risk of developing the cardiovascular disease by 60 percent.

Increase Stress Level For Yourself. The work you do on a daily basis is the greatest contributor to the level of stress you are suffering. This is because, the various workloads to be completed, the level of traffic jams that hamper departing or leaving work, uncooperative coworkers plus an ever-increasing workload.

Various Impairments On Vision. Work in the digital age requires someone staring at a computer screen or laptop in a relatively long period of time. Of course, this will have a serious effect on eye organs such as eye strain, headache symptoms, dry eyes accompanied by blurred vision or unclear.

Disruption of Brain Organ Functions. Continuous overtime work will risk the mental and dementia decline (intellectual decline) you have.

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