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Danger Staying up late at night For the Health of the Human Brain

Like staying up late? Staying up late is one of the most difficult habits for most of us. The habit of staying up is generally done by teenagers and people who are aged or adults. The various reasons that accompany it, such as chased deadline tasks, chatting with close friends late into the night or watch a favorite movie that is watched on television or computer. Of course, we also know that staying up will be bad for the health of the body. But you know, staying up every night will also worsen the health of brain organs. Then, what are the dangers of staying up for the brain's health?

After a day of activities that drain the energy and thoughts of a person, sleeping at night certainly has a role so vital to restore energy and make the mind can be fresh the next day. But that's not just the benefits of night sleep that you can get every day. Health tips this time will reveal some facts that will make a person stop staying up every night. Health tips, here are the dangers of staying up for your brain's health:

Greater Risk of Affected Alzheimer's Disease And Other Neurological Disorders. According to a recent study conducted by Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc. from the Medical Center of the University of Rochester Medical Center, while sleeping asleep at night, brain organs will work optimally to remove toxins and the remnants of nerve activity that accumulate in brain organs during activity all day. Piles of toxins and the remnants of this nerve activity that causes Alzheimer's disease and nerve disorders. This is the reason strong, sleep at night is more important than staying up every night.

When a person is fast asleep in the night, the brain organ will shrink to 60 percent. This will make the fluid in the cerebral spine flow smoothly. The fluid in the brain's spine plays a role in the disposal of garbage and toxins that accumulate in the brain into the circulatory system as well as a person's heart to filter. All the above process will run optimally when someone fell asleep and soundly at night. So, still, hobbies staying up every night you keep doing?

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