Similarities in Human Degrees According to Islam

Similarities in Human Degrees According to Islam
Human is like a comb, one has advantages over another only in his good deeds.
It is still a debate on whether aphorism above can be categorized as hadith or just a wise expression of scholars. However, Abu al-Shaykh al-Isfahani included him in the ranks of the hadith. Apart from that, this expression has moral relevance and can be used as a basis that Islam greatly exalts the spirit of egalitarianism (equality of degree).

Compared with other teachings, Islam is indeed known as a religion that is very firm to maintain the enforcement of equality. Islam is an enemy to humans who feel nobler than humans or other creatures if the reason is based on things that are worldly, even on issues of an afterlife, such as someone feeling more pious than other humans.

All humans start from God and will return to Him. This also eliminates the image of glory based on race, ancestry, wealth, position, and so on. The Word of God, Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. (Surah Al-Hujurat verse 13).

As in the parable of the same high row of combs - men before God are equal. Can you imagine if there were one taller among the combs? It could be a combed head will hurt.

As a row of combs that always work together, a Muslim and other Muslims must not be divorced, let alone hostile to one another. The Messenger of Allah said, "A Muslim with other Muslims is like a building that reinforces one another."

It's just that there are differences that need to be realized in a complementary framework. There is an adage which was recorded by Ibn Qutaibah which reads, '' Humans will prosper if they are different; if they are the same, they will surely perish. "

A people stand firm if all components of society realize their functions and work as the responsibility they carry. A small trader on the edge of the market that upholds the values ​​of honesty and professionalism is far nobler than officials who occupy important positions but are corrupt and irresponsible.

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