Heroes and Struggles in Islam

Heroes and Struggles in Islam
The noble ideals of struggle in Islam must be based on sincere intentions
If the word hero is mentioned, then at least two words are addressed: struggle and sacrifice. These two words are indeed difficult to separate because every struggle must require sacrifice.

However, sacrifice is impossible if it is not accompanied by sincerity. So, a hero is a person who sincerely sacrifices his soul, body, knowledge, and wealth in order to achieve and realize the ideals of struggle.

The struggle is multidimensional. There is a struggle for independence, a struggle to defend Islamic creed (religion), a struggle to educate the nation's children, and a struggle to defend the truth and human rights. All kinds of struggles are noble and are the nature of every human being.

In a story narrated by Imam Muslim, it is said that someone came to the Messenger of Allah and asked, '' O Messenger of God, do you know those who fight to find merit and popularity? What did a person like that get?" The Prophet answered, "He got nothing." The person asked the same question three times and the Prophet gave the same answer. The Messenger of Allah then asserted, "Truly Allah will not accept charity (struggle), except those who are sincere and solely expect Allah's pleasure."

The realm of heroism is extensive. The most important thing is first, to purify spiritual commitment (intention) in carrying out all activities. Noble ideals and deeds must depart from the call of faith that is responded by a sincere heart to realize these noble ideals.

Second, the main goal of realizing the struggle is to uphold the religion of Allah (Islam), not to seek popularity and worldly ambitions. The struggle to reach lofty ideals is heroic if it is escorted by the spirit of love for God.

Love for Allah - and the Messenger of Allah - is a source of energy and inspiration that never goes out. A true hero will always do his best and can benefit mankind because of his sincere love for Allah and His Messenger.

Third, defending self-glory and religion is the vision of a true hero. He dedicated and sacrificed everything he had not to realize personal ambitions or worldly interests. A true hero is never afraid of falling into poverty, but always shows the wealth of the heart and the nobleness of the soul.

The agenda of the struggle is to give and give more, not ask and expect rewards. Giving the best is to set an example with a noble character, not giving material. Because, a good example is eternal, whereas the material is relative and not eternal. Hopefully, we can emulate the struggle of our heroes.

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