How to Choose a Cheap Wedding Package to Save on Your Budget

How to Choose a Cheap Wedding Package to Save on Your Budget
The current wedding costs are very expensive, for various reasons. In order to save on budget, see how to choose the wedding package below along with recommendations for the provider!

Marriage is something that all couples look forward to because it is the most precious moment in life. Each country has a different tradition of marriage. Some have a tradition of holding a wedding reception by inviting many relatives, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers in the office to be able to feel the happiness of the bridal couple. So it is not surprising that the costs required to hold a wedding can cost a lot of money.

So that later you can save on a wedding budget, the first thing you should do is look for inexpensive wedding packages. By choosing a cheap wedding package that offers prices that suit your finances, then you can realize a wedding that suits your dreams. So how do you find cheap wedding packages? Coretanzone will tell you. Just look at the following methods right away!

1. Find People Who Have a Wedding Organizer You Know

Actually, there is the easiest way to be able to save on wedding costs, namely by preparing it yourself or not using the services of vendors. But of course, this will be very troublesome for you because it will take up quite a lot of time. Therefore most people prefer to use the services of a wedding organizer or wedding planner. But does it cost more to rent a wedding organizer? Not necessarily, try to find acquaintances, be it friends or relatives who have a wedding organizer because if you rent from an acquaintance, the price offered will be cheaper or there is a discount. In addition, you are also more free to express your desires about the concept of marriage in accordance with your wishes.

2. Use a Wedding Organizer Startup Because It Usually Offers Lower Prices

If there are no acquaintances who have a wedding organizer business, then look for a wedding organizer startup. What is a wedding organizer startup? A wedding organizer startup is a wedding organizer that opens online services so they will surely provide cheap wedding packages with attractive promos that benefit you greatly. Try searching for more than one startup wedding organizer so you can compare offers. Don't forget to look for the official office address to ensure that the startup wedding organizer does not commit fraud.

3. Choose Marriage Vendors who Work Together with Building Owners

You need to know that the buildings that are rented for weddings, usually have worked with wedding organizer vendors. If you use another wedding organizer vendor, there will be additional fees charged and the amount is large, ranging from 10% -20% more. So be sure to find out first which vendor to use before you come to the building that you are going to rent for a wedding. That way, you will get a cheaper price of the building along with the marriage vendor.

4. Choose Wedding Day During Weekdays

It feels almost all marriages are held on weekends. But have you ever thought about holding a wedding reception on weekdays? On weekends, peak seasons, and beautiful dates, usually, wedding organizers provide expensive prices because surely these dates will be in great demand by many people. To avoid this, you can hold a wedding on weekdays so you can get a cheap wedding package. Hold a wedding reception in the evening (at 19:00) so all guests and invitees can attend.

5. Choose Simple but Charming Decorations

Cheap wedding packages are also determined by the type of decoration chosen. If the chosen theme is luxurious and classic, then it will definitely be more expensive. Try to choose a simple decoration, but will it look good later? Of course, it can be charming. First of all, determine the theme of marriage first. Avoid fancy and classic themes, but choose themes that are unique and up-to-date so that decor doesn't need glamorous decorating supplies. Use artificial flowers because the price is cheaper than fresh flowers. Then adjust the decor to the area of the building that you will rent. You can also see what the original decoration of the building looks like. If the decoration is good, then you don't need to bother decorating it all.

6. Better All Wedding Reception Clothing Rented, Not Purchased

Bridal clothes that are used for wedding receptions take up a very large budget if you buy them or order specifically at a tailor. Usually, brides' dresses and groom suits will cost a lot. To save on a wedding budget, you can rent bridal clothes for a wedding reception, because you only use the clothes once.

The same thing applies to reception clothes for families. When will hold a wedding reception, usually, we will distribute uniforms. Funds to buy uniforms are not small, especially if your family and your in-law family number more than 20 people. To work around this, try to rent clothes at your wedding vendor. The price is definitely much cheaper.

7. Order Wedding Souvenir Directly from Craftsmen

To get cheap wedding packages, you can also look for cheap wedding souvenir vendors. If you look for it in the market the price is more expensive. Better you look for it in the souvenir craftsman directly. The price offered can be cheaper, but don't we have to travel outside the city to look for souvenir craftsmen? No need to go out of town, you can look for it through the internet, buy one or two in advance to see the good or not the quality of the souvenir. After knowing the quality then order in large quantities.

That's the way to get cheap wedding packages. Always remember that not always a luxurious wedding reception will be memorable. It could be that a simple wedding reception is even more memorable. Plan your wedding reception well so that everything can run smoothly. Hopefully, you can get a cheap wedding package that suits your wedding budget.

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