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God (Allah) Protects People Who Do These Three Things

Humans are always looking for something that makes their lives more calm, both outwardly and inwardly. Various ways he did to get his wish. One way is to prosper Baitullah (mosque or place of worship for Muslims)

Abu Al-Laits as-Samarqandi in the book of Tanbih al-Ghafilin, quoting Hasan bin Ali's words that once advised that there are three groups that are always close to God and always get protection from Him, namely:

First, someone who wants to go to the mosque with the aim of seeking the pleasure of Allah, then he is a guest of God who will always be guarded until he comes out of that place.

Second, someone who wants to visit his brother sincerely because of God, then he will get protection from God until he returns home because he is among those who connect the ties of friendship.

Third, people who perform Hajj or Umrah worship with the intention only to Allah, not to seek the title of Hajj or other purposes, then this person becomes a guest of God, and God will always look after him even Allah promised heaven for him.

But unfortunately, many mosques that are supposed to be placed to get closer to Allah, are instead used for things that are not supposed to, such as being used for political purposes or used to get a position or interests for a moment.

In the book Bayan Awal Li an-Nas yaum al-Qiyamah, Izz al-Din ibn 'Abd al-Salam who is known as the sultan of the scholars, has reminded us that many immoral people feel themselves to be obedient, as well as many people who are far from God by not doing His command feel themselves close to their Lord. Therefore, humans must take care of themselves by trying to get closer to their Lord in the way that God commands.

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